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Speakers include:

Brant Cooper


Endless Disruption

Kim Folsom

Founder, Chairperson and CEO

Founders First

Hugh Molotsi


Ujama, Inc.

What is Endless Disruption?

COVID-19… Texas energy grid collapse… Ship stuck in canal… Ransomware attacks…

Disruptions rippling through our lives is the new normal.

But the way we manage our institutions has not kept up, as if we’re still in the Industrial Age.

We need a new way forward.

How do we become Disruption Proof?


As a society we choose capitalism because it’s a natural way of being, effectively addresses needs, and has proven to be the best economic system at creating value for human beings.

But many companies have forgotten how to compete on value.

Learn how leading organizations are changing the way they organize, manage, and structure work.


Young, ambitious companies often pave the road in disrupting the normal way of doing business. From remote work to radical transparency to alternative funding, they are at the forefront of creating sustainable 21st century businesses.


An entrepreneurial mindset is not just for businesses. Applying the new mentality to government leads to increased responsiveness to constituents and greater efficiency in taxpayer expenditures.

The examples will astound you.


Front of the classroom, one-way lecturing, teaching explicitly for test performance is the educational equivalent to the assembly line, hierarchical, command-and-control management style of 20th century businesses.

It does not prepare for digital age employment. 

Project-based learning models business agile teams, where students learn to collaborate to solve problems.

Topics & Takeways

Empowering Employees

Distributed decision-making to improve employee happiness, productivity, and efficiency

The Diversity Dividend

How to increase diversity and leveraging it as a competitive advantage

Mindset Change

Learn to deal with uncertainty with a RAD mindset: resilient, aware, and dynamic

Agility Everywhere

Be inspired to practice agility, lean-thinking, human-centered design across the oranization

Team of Teams

Enhancing team collaboration to create transformative to build value while maintaining ethics


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Speakers’ Companies

Founders First Capital PartnersGerber TechnologyGrand Central PublishingCity of HaywardING BelgiumLada LabsNew Tech NetworkPatrick J. McGovern FoundationSEER InteractiveUjama